Howdy Day Camp

Welcome to Howdy at Home!

This year camp will come to you! Free from bugs and heat! We’ll be using Google Groups along with Drive and Meet to provide your camper with a program, craft, game, songs, skits, and all the other fun we usually have at Howdy Day Camp. 
Every morning during the week of camp (June 22-26) we’ll start the day with morning announcements and then you will be able to access videos to learn how to do all of the fun activities of the day. If you want your child to participate in a Unit like we have at camp, they will be able to log on and share what they’ve worked on during the day with girls their own age as well as Aides and Leaders for each unit. The live portion of camp will only be around 30-45 minutes so it should be able to fit into your schedule. If you can’t participate in camp during that week, the videos will be up until July 31 so that you can work on the camp activities over the summer. We’ll be posting how to earn your Galactic Howdy badge on the first day of camp.

AITs: You will hear from DJ, Liz, and Kathy about how you are going to be able to meet the requirements for graduating to an Aide this year.

Aides: We need you to make this work! Please consider helping out to earn your bead for this year.

Adults: We need the following volunteer positions filled and the more the merrier!

Unit Leader: Lead Google Meet meetings with the girls during each day of camp to let them share what they’ve done each day. Meetings should be only 30-40 minutes and your units will be smaller than usual so that everyone can have a chance to share. Aides and AITs will still be assigned to your unit to help out.

Technology Volunteer: Answer questions leaders and parents have about the format and how to access content.

Games planner: Plan games that girls can do with in the theme. Aides will be making the videos to teach the games. We just need someone to come up with fun and easy games for girls to do with their families at home or in the backyard.

Help us make this year awesome!
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