HDC – Adult Information

Day Camp is fun for adults, too!!
Adults are needed for a variety of volunteer positions depending on experience level and interests including, but not limited to: unit leader, craft assistant, games assistant, child care worker, boys’ unit, clean-up. Activities are provided for children of volunteers including the Broncos for boys entering Grades 1 through 6 and the Pixies for all children 3 months through pre-school. If you are new to volunteering at Camp Howdy, please contact one of the camp directors or registrars for more information.
You can volunteer for the entire week or a shorter period.
All troops with girls attending camp are requested to provide adult leaders.
Each adult volunteer needs to complete the activities:
  1. Register (see Howdy Day Camp – 2023 Howdy Apocalypse page).
  2. Attend Howdy Day Camp Training (required every year). This page provides information on what you need to bring and location of the training.
  3. Youth Protection Training, required every two years.
  4. Criminal Background Check or CBC (required annually for all 18-year and older volunteers, process can take several weeks so complete early!)
…and the following forms:
If you have questions you can contact the Adult Registrar: GSCampHowdyAdultRegistrar@gmail.com