HDC – Criminal Background Checks

GSCTX requires all volunteers to have a criminal background check (CBC). They process all CBC reports online through Sterling Volunteers. Sterling Volunteers makes the process easy and secure, and also allows volunteers to share their CBC report with a growing network of other organizations, including many other Girl Scout councils.

Eligible CBCs are considered good for three (3) years. The only exception is for those volunteering at a resident or day camp, in which case, state regulations require a CBC to be completed annually. So to volunteer at Howdy Day Camp you must have a CBC conducted since June 2020.

More comprehensive information on CBCs and how they are processed is available at Criminal Background Checks Frequently Asked Questions.

To start the process, GSCTX asks the adult registrar to provide a list of the volunteers and they then send out emails if you do not have a CBC completed within the past year. You can also start the process by going to: