Howdy Day Camp Covid Changes

Changes to Howdy Day Camp based on Covid-19 protocols from Council:

  • All participants will be wearing masks unless seated eating and drinking. We will provide one themed mask per volunteer or camper and disposable ones as needed.
  • All participants must bring their own food for lunch every day (no cookout day). However, we will have a fire and make some kind of treat that the girls make individually so that those skills are covered, just not a full meal. I’m working this one out.
  • Crafts, Songs, and Skits will be led by Aides who will come to each unit at the appropriate time in their schedule. The only time girls will be hiking around camp will be for Games, Programs, and Adventure Hike (for appropriate ages). 
  • No water day but we will have 5 days of everything else. – Traffic will be directed around camp so that units do not pass each other while singing. 
  • Temperature checks for campers and volunteers every morning- Flag circle will be staggered for 1-3 grade units and 4-6 grade units. Units not at flag circle will have another activity first thing in the morning. 
  • Parents will be required to send in a Covid survey every day.
  • BAND will be used to communicate with parents and campers as well as for our Daily Covid Survey. Please download the app if you don’t have it already. Links to the main page and your unit page will be sent as registration progresses.

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