HOWDY DAY CAMP – 2024 – Myths & Legends!


June 3-7, 2024. 8am-2pm

Come and join us as we dive into the Myths and Legends of the world at Howdy Day Camp in 2024! This 100% volunteer-run day camp experience is a week full of Girl Scout traditions, stories, songs, crafts, food, and games that are inspired by the oral history of the human race. 

2024 Leadership

Howdy Day Camp 2024 Director:
  • Interim Director: Michelle Ethridge,
Howdy Day Camp 2024 Assistant Directors:

Treasurer (for money related questions):
Payment for camp:
  • The Girl Scout of Central Texas Doubleknot system permits credit card payments.
  • To apply Program Credits to a registration, customer will have to complete a Program Credits Form. They can use this form to apply both Program Credits and Carryover to their order. Camp Howdy is listed on the list of camps on the form.
  • If a troop wants to pay as a group, the girl’s caregivers would need to register (so that they receive correspondence regarding camp). The troop leader will need to contact Michele Wagner and let her know they want to pay for that girl(s). She will then refund the caregiver and take the payment from the Leader.
  • Financial aid. If you need financial aid for camp, please contact one of the camp directors before 4/30/2024
  • Howdy Day Camp registration will occur in two time blocks. Because we need adult volunteers to run the camp, we need to see how many adults we have before determining how many units we can offer (we are limited to a set number of girls per number of adults). The initial time block (3/4 to 4/7) is for adult volunteers and their kids along with Aides and AITs who help make the day camp possible. The second time block (4/8 to 4/30) is for general registration. After 4/30, we will only accept participants if the girl comes with a full-time adult volunteer and with the OK of Registrar.

  • Note, CAMPER registration is not considered complete until all forms and payments are made. If you have not provided these items by April 30 you may be dropped. You need to mail the Howdy Health Forms to
    • HDC Registrar
    • PO BOX 230 
    • Wellborn, TX, 77881

Forms that you may want

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